Cryptocurrency Taxation

We have been on the forefront of the taxation issues that Cryptocurrency owners are facing, including how to handle recent IRS enforcement efforts.  Read more about how the summons to obtain Coinbase account holders impacts taxpayers here.  If you have received IRS Letter 6173 or IRS Letter 6174-A regarding reporting virtual currency transactions, we can help.  

Guinevere Moore has spoken extensively about Cryptocurrency taxation issues, including at the American Bar Association’s 35th Annual National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud, where she was a panelist on a two-part panel:  "What Everyone Needs to Know About Cryptocurrency: Part One: Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrency Transactions; Part Two: Enforcement When Cryptocurrency Transactions Go Wrong."  She was also selected to present at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in Chicago and in Orlando in a panel titled “Tax Treatment of Transactions in Cryptocurrency and IRS Tax Enforcement.”  Read more about the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum or register to attend here.  

As cryptocurrency owners ourselves, we understand the unique issues facing our clients in this complicated area.  We’ve been quoted on these issues in Tax Notes here and here, and in Business Insider here (subscriptions to read may be required).